Well sought after condominium in Queenstown of District 3 in Singapore

Queenstown was initially developed by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the 1950s. Since then it has grown in to a modern town that has public housing, amenities, transport network, educational institutes etc. Queenstown has been developed to fit the current and future lifestyle of the residents of the area. That is why Queenstown houses condos, apartments, houses, schools, libraries, shopping malls, sports centres, cinemas, community centres, parks and much more. The availability of all these daily based requirements so close by make Queenstown an ideal place to live and reside in. According to the master plan, all the amenities and facilities in Queenstown have been equally and properly distributed across all the towns, to provide easy access for all residents of all corners and areas, which, in turn, have also helped create a strong and smart transport network around the area. Queenstown also has a lot of commercial belts and industrial sectors across most of the towns in the area, with some of these places even having proper business parks.

Historically, Queenstown used to be a large swampy valley with a channel running through in a south-eastern direction. This agricultural area had hills on either side. On one of the hills, a rubber plantation used to be present, while on the other side, there was a cemetery called the boh beh kang. The area usually has Hokkien and Teochew speaking residents who lived by the hundreds in attap-roofed huts. These people were mostly farmers who grew vegetables, fruits and also herded pigs and chickens.

Stirling Residences Queenstown condo Developer – Nanshan Group

The organization was established in 1978 when the organizer of the organization, Song Zuowen drove the entire Shandong Village from farming to the way of industrialisation, and worldwide achievement in the end. The organization saw a great deal of progress and in the long run expanded into numerous diverse organizations, similar to aluminum, material, money, the travel industry, flight, instruction and land. Nanshan Group Singapore Co. was lead by the organizer Song Zuowen’s oldest child, Song Jianbo, who lived with his family in Singapore.

For quite a while, the organization has been intending to grow hugely in the Singapore property and land showcase. The evidence of this case is that in the previous a year, the organization removed part in 8 from 11 tenders in GLS barters.

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