Steam Hair Straightener Review


Steam Hair Straightener Review

Well, I guess that steam technology has been around for a long time, really, what with steam engines and all. But when it comes to hair straightening, steam technology is virtually unheard of. But why? Doesn’t steam help flatten our clothes when we use a clothing iron? Didn’t we create an entire machine specifically with the purpose of steaming clothes and curtains? I mean, the fact that this steam-enhanced hair straightener wasn’t already a thing is surprising to me.

Steam Hair Straightener

I guess that some hair types, though, don’t love moisture.
They need special infrared heating just to get frizziness related to moisture under control, so why would they want more of it? I get it (I’m one of those people). So, obviously, this isn’t for everyone. Some people will LOVE it and some people with LOATHE it. But regardless of which category you fall into, the fact remains that the steam will help many people straighten their hair quicker.

With Built-In Hydration

I know a few people with very dry hair who struggle to find a happy way to straighten their hair. They’ve tried wetting it first (that wasn’t a good idea). They’ve tried using an actual iron and placing a wet cloth over their hair before ironing (not a great idea either). They’ve tried leave-in conditioners and a handful of other products. Many of them just gave up altogether and accepted that they would just have to quit straightening their hair, since it was so damaging to their already brittle locks.

Steam in action

Steam in action

But now, with this steam straightener all that potentially damaging heat is offset with moisture infusion. See, the steam won’t just help straighten the hair quicker, it will also infuse itself deep into the shaft of each strand of hair. This will plump up your hair, making dry, flat hair suddenly have a little bit more volume. It will bring back the shine that dry, dull hair had been missing for so long. And it will help to heal dry, brittle hair while simultaneously protecting it from the heat of the straightener.

Why Not Groom as You Straighten?

I mean really, why not? When we straighten our hair we often have to put sections of it up in order to get the bottom zones (this iron even comes with convenient clips to help you do that). When we section our hair like this we inevitably create tangles that can become downright annoying.
Forget about re-brushing your hair after letting a section down, though, because this iron will do it for you. The tiny rubber teeth built into the bottom plate will pull tangles free as you pull the straightener down each section of hair.

What?! Six Temperature Settings?

I know, I was stunned too. It’s virtually unheard of to get a straightener with this many pre-set temperature settings. I mean, there are a few out there (even listed here on this website) which will allow you to choose any temperature in a large range from like 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but when it comes to those with pre-set temperatures, most companies offer you two or three at the most.

Some people may be frightened by the fact that these temperatures start at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Those with dry hair know that this sort of temperature is typically too high for them. But the great thing is that when you add steam, this sort of a temperature becomes bearable. So now even those with dry, brittle hair can straighten it in mere minutes at a decently high heat level.

Dynamic Ceramic

All of the neat features in this app can be distracting. I know I got caught up in them. It took me a few minutes to even ask myself, “Hey self, do you know what kind of plates this thing has?” Well, the answer is – ceramic. Like all ceramic plates, these ones will help keep hair smooth and give it that beautiful silky finish. They will hold heat for a long time, so be careful and make sure you leave.

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