Sudhakar pipes

SUDHAKAR Group of Industries situated at Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, playing a significant role in PVC & HDPE pipe sector. SUDHAKAR Group established in 1971 with a product range to manufacture Electrical Conduits. Over the years the group emerged as a potential leader in Rigid PVC Pipes & HDPE pipes and fittings and also made its foray into different piping system solutions. Promoted by a visionary entrepreneur, this group has played a pioneer role in the field of PVC & HDPE piping products..

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Havells India Limited is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with an extremely strong global presence, thanks to our philosophy of Make in India.

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PSG Pumps & Motors

.The objective of PSG & Sons Charities is promotion of education and training along with industrial development. PSG Industrial institute serves as a centre to train craftsman, artisans and mechanics and manufacture with the help of workers and trainees, engineering goods on commercial basis. Over the past eight decades, PSG have expanded the scope of its activities from manufacture of farm equipments to pumps, motors intended for irrigating farms, then Machine Tools and Ferrous Castings. Starting from an enterprise geared to meet the rural economy, PSG has diversified its activities to meet the requirements of industrial sector as well. Its customers range from small/medium scale to giant aero space industries supported by a large number of academic and industrial personnel and modern state-of-the art R & D laboratories, Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM facilities and sophisticated testing and measuring equipments along with hi-tech CNC machineries

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WaterTec is a Premium Bath Fittings and Accessories brand that is best known for the durable, highly functional and quality products. Revolutionizing the range of products with its high quality virgin grade Engineering Polymer, products are built to suit to your taste and senses. Designed to perfection, Engineered for high utility and Made to last long, WaterTec is a perfect blend of technology and design that cost – effectively transforms your Bathrooms into Living spaces.

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